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How to reset macbook pro

How To Reset Macbook Pro | Best Method

Having problems with your MacBook Pro? Failed to solve them through simple troubleshooting options and Systems Management Controller reset? Then factory reset is the last option available for you.

In this article we are going through a survey on how to “Reset Macbook Pro” safely.

How to reset Macbook Pro

Follow these instructions to factory reset your Macbook Pro:

Resetting factory setting can lead to loss of data on hard drive. So as to prevent this, you have to do this before you reset Macbook Pro What? You will have to back-up your essential data. You can use external storage like USB or CDs or DVDs to back-up your data.

Now that you have saved your important data elsewhere, reboot your device and press ‘Command+R’. This will open the ‘Recovery’ function. Select ‘Recovery HD’ from there.

Select the ‘Continue‘ button.

Please be careful and read instructions closely

The ‘Continue’ button will load the Disk Utility; the Disk Utility will show you a list of hard disks.

First click ‘Macintosh HD disk’. For some Mac users, their disk might not be named as Macintosh HD. So in such a case, click on whichever disk is primary hard disk. After selecting ‘Macintosh HD disk’, click ‘Erase’ tab.

How to Reset macbook Pro
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After selecting ‘Erase’, the next window will show you a number of disk formatting options. From those options, click on ‘Mac OS Extended’. Then again select the ‘Erase’ button. After selecting the ‘Erase’ option, you have to wait patiently as this erasing process may take a few minutes.

After the completion of the erasing process, your system will take you again to ‘Recovery Menu’. There in ‘Recovery’ menu, click on ‘Reinstall OS X’, and then select the ‘Install’ options. After clicking the install button, the re-installation process will start right away. (Note: you must check your internet connection through the connection icon on the top-right corner of your screen, as you will need internet to download and reinstall the OS X).

After the installation process starts, a new window will appear which will ask you to carefully read their terms and conditions. After reading and accepting their terms and conditions, your system will ask you to specify a hard drive where you want to reinstall the OS X. By default, your system might choose Macintosh HD drive.

The whole re-installation process may take 30-60 minutes. In between or after the re-installation process, to verify your OS X purchase, your system might ask you to provide your Apple ID. Once this installation process is completed, you can find your Mac factory reset and working as a brand-new device.

I hope this article helped. If you encounter any challenges kindly use the comment box below.