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Questions about YouTube Copyright

How to Delete Youtube video | Manage your channel

When you are already a creator on YouTube, you must be knowing how to upload your videos. But the question arises: do you know how to delete YouTube video? There may be many reasons to delete YouTube video on your channel.

When you realize that you want to reduce your presence on social media or simply want to delete your older videos. Then you must be thinking of how to delete YouTube video from the channel. They may be some old videos or videos that are not performing well. This may also include that the videos you want to delete contains inappropriate or cringe content. It may harm the policies of YouTube.

However, deleting a video from YouTube is very simple and requires some steps to do so.

Why You Want To Delete Videos on Your Channel?

Many creators think that some of their older videos are outdated and do not fit best with the current situation of the society. Therefore they want those videos to be deleted from YouTube to avoid any misconception or false hopes. But at time of deleting it they do not the process of how to delete videos.

how to delete youtube video
Why did you want to delete Youtube video?

One thing that you must realize is that for deleting a video from YouTube, you must be logged in the same account from which you uploaded it. If you find that a video is uploaded from any other account then you can report it. If YouTube finds the video violating any terms and conditions, then it will automatically delete that videos.

You can do the following things related to YouTube-

  • Delete or hide videos from YouTube
  • Remove the full playlist
  • Terminate your YouTube account
  • Give a copyright strike if you find your appearance on other’s videos.

How To Delete YouTube Video From Computer

To learn how to delete YouTube video from the computer, you must follow the below steps-

  • Visit the official website of YouTube i.e. You can enter your account by clicking the “Sign in” option. Then click on the account’s picture which is there on the top right corner.
  • After that, you will directly land to your profile page section where you will find all the videos that you have posted.
  • After visiting your channel you will find two blue buttons in the top right section, just below your cover picture. One will be listed as “Customize Channel” and other as “YouTube Studio (Beta)”. The one which you have to select is “YouTube Studio (Beta)”.
  • After opening YouTube Studio, you will find all the statistics related to your channel. On this page, you will find a Channel menu on the left side of the screen. From this menu select the “Videos” option where you will find all your videos from the past.
  • From here, find the particular video you want to delete from YouTube. Hover over the particular video and then click on the three dots next to the play button.
  • After that select the “Delete” option from the menu button.
  • Then a window will pop up asking you whether you permanently want to delete your video. Your video will be deleted permanently and cannot be restored. After being 100% sure that you want to delete the video click on  “Delete Video”. After which your video will be deleted successfully.

These are the steps that ensure you how to delete YouTube video.