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Connect Laptop To Monitor

How To Connect Laptop To Monitor | Hot Guides

Life is so simple while viewing everything in a large screen monitor, Imagine you are on desk, it pays to hook up a large monitor to make things a bit easier. Get how to connect laptop to monitor

In this article, we are going on a trip. For what? We are getting the best and easier method on “How to Connect Laptop to Monitor”

How to Connect Laptop to Monitor

To connect a laptop to monitor requires the following equipments:

  • Laptop
  • VGA cable (Video Graphics Array)
  • Monitor

What is VGA (Video Graphics Array) Cable?

A VGA cable is a cable that carries visual display data from the Laptop to the monitor. This complete cable consist of a wire and a connector at both ends, those connectors are mostly blue in color.

VGA Cable

Setting up the second screen (Monitor)

It’s not essential to buy a new monitor. That’s if you have an old monitor lying fellow without use. It’s better to see if it will be compatible with your laptop before concluding to use it or buy new one. If it works then let’s move on.

One more thing, check for the ports available in the second screen (Monitor) i.e VGA Port. Why is it essential to check the available ports? You will need a monitor that has the same port just like the one of your laptop (VGA).

Let’s go into the setting up

Make sure you’ve connected the wires/cables in both your laptop and monitors which are supplied with stable power supply. Let’s try configuring the Windows to share the screen.

VGA Port

Most times, Windows will detect the cables automatically when they are connected to monitors. Now check, If you can’t view/see the laptop screen then you can press the menu button and check if you can select the video input. If it doesn’t display then follow the step below…

Firstly, You right click on the home screen of your system and then you click Display settings. Also, you can click Start>Settings and system. On that screen, you should be able to see options such as Text Size, Orientation and Resolution.

How To Duplicate Or Extend your screen

Now that you have different option on the screen(Laptop):

  • Duplicate
  • Extend
  • Show only on 1 or 2 (This means you will be able to view the screen on the monitor only)

Since we want to duplicate the exact screen on the monitor then we will definitely press DUPLICATE.

Method 2: How to connect laptop to system

This will be your simplest method, definitely.

Firstly, go back to the home screen and Press the Window button + P

Then Press Duplicate

Congratulation!! You just successfully did that yourself.

I can imagine you being in from of your large screen monitor working with much pleasure.

Thanks for reading! Watch out for our next article.